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Websoftex provide a reliable Chit Fund Management Software facility and it needs to be managed by group activities and customer database. It holds various features, such as it manages add, delete, edit of groups, manages customer information according to the groups in which these have subscribed. Moreover, the auctions are managed by random selection of customers per group, manages accounting part with customer's payments with cheque details and out standings. Also generates bills of the customers and several reports for business analysis, hence, our solution is widely demanded in the market. We have developed chit fund software v 3.5 with continuous research in chit fund field with guidance of all experienced people, who is running chit fund more than 10 year.

We studied exact and practical working of chit fund along with the common problems faced by chit fund companies, and on the basis of this analysis and research we have developed this software using Microsoft dot net technology and Microsoft SQL Server.

Websoftex chit fund software is developed by vast experienced people with full data security and features which speed up your work and reduce your operational time which indirectly helps you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities.

How Chit Funds Differ From Banks?

The main difference between a bank and chit fund is that chit funds don't offer settled returns. They cannot issue checks/DDs and they are Process driven i.e. the assets designated can be utilized for any reason as opposed to bank where the money must be utilized for uncommon items.


Chit finance organizations are a type of NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) that fills in as a different option to saving money. Chit finance plans were a sort of a creative model utilized for the development of family unit reserve funds much before a legitimate keeping money structure appeared.

  1. Chit funds are 'process driven'
  2. More adaptability in Chit Funds
  3. No pre decided returns
  4. Chit stores can't issue checks/DDs

Chit Fund Banking:

In saving money speech, a Bank is a budgetary establishment which principally gets stores from people in general and loans them for speculation reason.

Essentially, banks are middle people between contributors (who loan cash to the bank) and borrowers (to whom the bank loans cash). The sum the banks pay for stores and the wage they get on their advances are both called premium. Contributors and borrowers are either people or family units, money related and nonfinancial firms, or national and neighborhood governments.

Traits of Banking:

  1. Managing IN MONEY.
  2. Acknowledgment OF MONEY DEPOSITS.
  3. Installment AND WITHDRAWS MONEY.
  5. Different BRANCHES.

Would it be advisable for you to put resources into chit support?

There are various chit supports in India. In the past there have been cases of individuals contributing and losing cash, the same number of coordinators has fleeced financial specialists. In any case, many have profited from chit supports also. There are many rumored chit finance coordinators, particularly the greater organizations that bring some wellbeing into play.

Are chit supports truly gainful?

It is constantly exceptionally hard to find out, if an individual would make more comes back from chit reserves, than say for instance bank stores. Everything relies on upon how low the offering for the specific chit support happens. Bring down the offering more gainful would the profits be.

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