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Chit Fund Networking Software

Networking Organization

Chit Fund Company are simplify things and increase their efficiency. Provide secured online access to it members. Members can see next payment information, amount to be paid along with Loan details etc. It is one of the simplest software dealing with chit fund amount transaction of a financial institutes. As a whole this is efficient for all organization those organize chits. Our Chit Fund Software includes.

Benefits of Chit Fund Networking Software :

Organized Chit Funds

In North India, a common type of chit fund uses small paper slips with each member’s name, gathered in a box. When all members are at a monthly or weekly meeting, the one in charge in front of the other members picks a slip from the box. The member so selected gets that day's collection. Afterwards, that person’s name slip is discarded. Thereafter, he comes to the meetings and pays his share, but his name isn't selected again.

Chit Fund Agreement:

CHIT'- AN AGREEMENT the "Chit" is a declaration by the subscribers with the manager, who directs the Chit. The Kerala Chit ties Act 2 characterizes the Chit understanding as the report containing the Articles of declaration between the manager and the endorsers of the Chit.

It contains arrangements with regards to the quantity of portions, sum payable for every portion, arrangement of enthusiasm for default or late installment of portions, way of directing the sale, deciding the bidder in the bartering, method of dispensing of markdown, cutoff if any on the rebate, way of dispensing the Chit sum, points of interest of security to be offered by the prized supporters, and so forth.


  1. Websoftex Chit fund investments are not affected by any market fluctuations.
  2. Chit scheme provide you a complete solution for all your financial planning.
  3. It inculcates the habit of compulsory and regular saving
  4. Transparency in Auction Proceedings.
  5. It earns dividends every month. So the net effective rate of return proves to be pretty attractive.
  6. For any unexpected financial requirement, bidding for the lump sum amount could prove to be a better option than going through the hassles of a loan.
  7. Before starting new chit group, agreement with Registrar of Chits Government of Karnataka, is mandatory which means safety for members.
  8. Monthly Installments can be paid by way of Cash/Cheque/NEFT/Demand Draft/ RTGS directly to our office or through our authorized collection executives.
  9. Rate of interest is comparatively better in chit schemes than a bank.
  10. Chit schemes have less documentation and process as compared with other financial institutions.
  11. Computerised Business Activities.
  12. A Chit is the Only Financial Product that allows you to Save and Borrow.
  13. Grab a great opportunity, join to WEBSOFTEX CHITS.

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