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Chit Fund Customer

Customer Database Facility

Websoftex provide a reliable Chit Fund Management Software facility and it needs to be managed by group activities and customer database. It holds various features, such as it manages add, delete, edit of groups, manages customer information according to the groups in which these have subscribed. Moreover, the auctions are managed by random selection of customers per group, manages accounting part with customer's payments with cheque details and out standings Also generates bills of the customers and several reports for business analysis, hence, our solution is widely demanded in the market.

We have developed chit fund software v 3.5 with continuous research in chit fund field with guidance of all experienced people, who is running chit fund more than 10 year We studied exact and practical working of chit fund along with the common problems faced by chit fund companies, and on the basis of this analysis and research we have developed this software using Microsoft dot net technology and Microsoft SQL Server Websoftex chit fund software is developed by vast experienced people with full data security and features which speed up your work and reduce your operational time which indirectly helps you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities.

Chit Fund Features and Regulation:

  1. Client Group Management
  2. Chit Group Creation
  3. Dynamic Group List
  4. Gathering Area Management
  5. Alter Collection Area Details
  6. Specialist Management
  7. Alter Agent Details
  8. Sell off Entry
  9. Genius note Printing
  10. Genius note Receive Status Updating
  11. Minute Generation
  12. Occasion Management
  13. Advance Sanction
  14. Dynamic Loan List
  15. Change Password
  16. Non-Formal CHITS

Alongside the formal Chit Fund division, there exists an exceptionally heterogeneous and dynamic casual part, with colossal volume of business. This incorporates Chits led by the relationship of brokers/shippers, representatives in the workplaces and those casual Chits in urban and rustic regions, places of worship, sanctuaries, instructive establishments, little and medium Chits in the neighbor-hood keep running by housewives, and so on. In each alcove and corner of Karnataka, one can discover 'Chit gatherers'" preparing generous measures of reserve funds day by day for which credible information is not accessible.

Chit Fund Financial Specialists:

Despite the fact that the nearness of casual Chit area is noteworthy, there have been various instances of misrepresentation, misappropriation, vanishing of foremen, and so on. Which make misfortune the supporters and harm the notoriety of Chit Funds

Industry in the State?

  1. Chit Fund has been assuming a stellar part even before the approach of present day managing an account period, approaching to save of the poor at moderate terms.
  2. CHIT Fund gives a decent source of fund for various sorts of individual's viz., little financial specialists, representatives,little scale industrialists and so forth.
  3. This framework has various implicit focal points because of which individuals incline toward this alternative over other formal foundations. These are:
  4. Tax Exempt Dividend
  5. Simple Accessibility
  6. Easy to understand benefit
  7. Nonappearance of inactive cost
  8. No Periodic complication climbs
  9. Leave Options with exhibited charges

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