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Chit Fund User-Friendly

Chit Fund Applications

Chit funds are good vehicles in bringing savers and borrowers in the same platform. The dire needs with which borrowers are there determine the rate of returns for savers. There are checks also that borrowers don't go overboard in bidding higher rates. There are further checks and balances like chit funds are regulated, reserve deposits are prescribed and so on.

Chit funds are also in a way unique to India. But if the administrators of the chit funds are unscrupulous or borrowers do not honor their commitments in time, there are bound to be problems.

People who have grown investing in chit funds (pure savers) would vouch safe for the excellent investment vehicleSo chit funds are very popular, but should choose long standing chit funds to invest.

Chit fund Mobile App is an android based application for Chit companies to collect Chit amount from Customers.

Features of Collector Mobile App (Chit Fund):

Features of Collector Mobile App (Pigmy):

How Chit Fund Became User Friendly:

  1. Chit Funds have the favorable position both for serving a need and as a speculation. Cash can be promptly attracted a crisis or could be proceeded as a speculation.
  2. Loan cost is controlled by the supporters themselves, in light of common choices and shifts from closeout to sell.
  3. The cash that you get is against your own future commitments.
  4. The sum is given on individual sureties as well; not at all like in banks and other money related foundations which request an unmistakable security.
  5. Chit funds can be depended upon to fulfill individual needs. Not at all like other money related foundations, can you draw upon your chit finance for any reason - relational unions, religious capacities, therapeutic costs, kids' instruction, and so forth.
  6. Cost of intermediation is the most minimal.
  7. Chit reserve is a sparing cum acquiring instrument, which is one of a kind when contrasted with other money related frameworks. When you put resources into chits you get more return when contrasted with other Financial Intermediaries and when you acquire you pay less intrigue?

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